Syria’s Arab League return proof that when US shadow shrinks, peace spreads: China

China hailed Syria’s official return to the Arab League and blasted the west for instigating violent regime change in sovereign nations

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on 15 May welcomed Syria’s official return to the Arab League, saying the move “is conducive to the strength and unity of Arab states” and can ensure “peace and stability” in West Asia.

Wenbin stressed that ending Syria’s isolation is “something to be happy about, except for a certain country.”

“The US unabashedly criticized [normalization with Syria] and exerted pressure. The Spokesperson for the US Department of State openly opposed the readmission of Syria into the Arab League and the normalization of relations between US allies and Syria. US lawmakers even openly denounced the Arab League,” the Chinese official said.

He went on to place the blame for the disaster in Syria at Washington’s feet, saying: “In fact, it is because of the US pressure and sanctions that Syria has suffered 12 years of war with related catastrophic consequences lasting until now.”

“Syria’s return to the Arab League once again proves that when the shadow of the US shrinks, the light of peace spreads,” Wenbin highlighted.

The Chinese official also blasted the US and “a handful of countries” for instigating violent regime change efforts in dozens of countries and for their policy of condemning “every action that does not serve their selfish hegemonic interests.”

“This kind of twisted ‘political correctness’ will not get them anywhere anymore,” Wenbin added.

The comments from Beijing came on the same day Syrian officials attended their first Arab League summit since the nation was suspended from the bloc in November 2011.

Last week, foreign ministers from Arab League member states agreed to readmit Syria, as nations across West Asia that joined the US in pushing for regime change in Syria have taken steps to reconcile with President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The Arab League’s decision came two months after Beijing brokered a landmark agreement to restore diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in what many observers say is evidence of diminishing US influence around the world.

The western-backed war in Syria has displaced more than 13 million people and killed around 300,000.

Over recent years, Damascus has regained control of large swathes of the country from US and Turkish-backed extremist groups with the help of Russia and Iran.

The US army and international coalition occupy at least 28 declared military sites in Syria, distributed over three governorates, mainly Hasakah (17 sites), Deir Ezzor (nine locations), and Homs (two areas).

The distribution of Washington’s illegal bases resembles the cordon surrounding the sources of oil and gas located east of the Euphrates River, representing most of Syria’s underground wealth.

On top of this, the US still maintains around 900 troops in Syria who were illegally deployed to the country.

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