Syrian army destroys terrorist headquarters

The Syrian Army aviation bombed today several headquarters of the radical groups that dominate areas in the northern province of Idlib, reported military quoted by the media here.

The sources said the airstrikes destroyed three headquarters of the Ansar Tawhid and Houras Al-Din groups in the town of Sarjeh in southern Idlib, and at least six members of these groups, including leaders, were killed in the raids.

Over the past few days, Army detachments attacked rallies of the Levant Liberation Board, formerly Al-Nousra Front, in response to hostile actions by the extremists who used shells against military points.

The extremist groups entrenched in Idlib escalated their attacks and violations to the de-escalation zone regime in place in that governorate.

During its operations in 2020 the national Army managed to release 56 percent of this governorate, but the jihadists still control the rest, where they are holding hundreds of thousands of civilians as human shields.

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