“As you sow, so you reap”: Danas interlocutors on the intention to turn Radoičić’s villa into a police station

The first consequence of the incident in the village of Banjska, which left four victims, could be the confiscation of the villa on Lake Gazivode, which, according to the authorities in Pristina, is owned by Milan Radoičić, the former vice-president of the Serbian List.

As Dželjalj Svečlja, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, told the Kosovo media, the plan is to turn Milan Radoičić’s villa into a police station with boats.

He stated at the press conference, as reported by the Kossev portal , that Radoičić’s villa was built on the land of the Kosovo Forestry Agency, and that he was in talks with the Minister of Agriculture so that this property would be transferred to the Ministry of the Interior.

“We want the Kosovo Police to use it as a station for a unit with boats in the Border Department,” Svečlja said.

Interpreting this announcement by the Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs, Danas interlocutors point out that, for now, it is a political idea, the realization of which can only follow.

  • For now, it is a political-propaganda message, and I assume that it is necessary to fulfill certain legal assumptions in order for the idea to actually be implemented, says Aleksandar Popov, director of the Center for Regionalism.

He points out that with this announcement, the authorities in Pristina are trying to keep Milan Radoičić’s mansion in the public eye, after they recently published photos and videos of the house.

  • With this, they want to send a message: “Look in what kind of luxury the man who claims to defend the Serbs in Kosovo lives, what he has gained from your suffering”, says Popov.

Bojan Pajtić, a professor at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad and former president of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina, sees nothing unusual in the Kosovo minister’s announcement.

  • In the world, it is common for real estate acquired by organized crime to be confiscated and converted into objects of public interest. In a similar way, about 15 years ago, Šarić’s villa in Sremska Kamenica was confiscated. It was turned into a facility for housing families of children suffering from malignant diseases, Pajtić visits.

Such an epilogue, according to the opinion of political analyst Dragomir Anđelković, is expected, but also justified.

  • Milan Radoičić is the vice-president of the “Serbian List”, which was and remains a local instrument of Vučić’s harmful policy regarding Kosovo and Metohija. Aleksandar Vučić abolished the so-called civil protection of the north of Kosovo, a Serbian institution that until 2016 held that part of our territory under its control, that is, successfully defended it from Albanian paramilitary forces. In addition, Vučić in other ways, with the comprehensive help of the “Serbian List”, made it possible for the four northern Kosovo municipalities with a huge Serbian majority to come under the full control of Pristina. Therefore, if anything is partially just in the new phase of fundamental injustice that is happening to us in connection with Kosovo, it is that Radoičić and other people who helped Vučić to occupy the still unoccupied part of Serbian territory are today reaping the sour fruits that the tree bears planted, notes Anđelković.

According to him, if it was someone from “ordinary” Serbs from the north of Kosovo, who were not complicit in what Vučić did against our Constitution and national interests, he would say that it was Pristina terror projected on property relations.

  • But when it comes to those who, on the task of the regime in Belgrade, contributed to the installation of the mechanisms of the Albanian secessionist government in the north of our southern province, the only thing I can reasonably mention is the old folk saying: “As you sow, so shall you reap”, Anđelković concludes.

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