We are trying to reduce the number of civilian casualties, but without success

“That’s why we send leaflets, call them on their mobile phones, and Israel is doing everything it can to extract civilians from danger while fighting against Hamas in Gaza, including dropping warning leaflets for them to flee. However, his efforts to minimize casualties have not been successful,“ said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday.

CBS News asked Netanyahu if the Israeli killing of thousands of Palestinians in retaliation for the Hamas attack on October 7 would fuel a new generation of hatred.

“Every civilian death is a tragedy, and we should not have them because we are doing everything we can to remove civilians from harm’s way, while Hamas is doing everything to keep them in danger,“ said Netanyahu.

“That’s why we send leaflets, call them on their mobile phones, and tell them to leave. And many have left,“ he added.

“The other thing I can say is that we will try to finish this job with minimal civilian casualties. That’s what we’re trying to do: minimal civilian casualties. But, unfortunately, we are not successful,“ Netanyahu stated.

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