The North Caucasus has always been and remains a strategically important object of global geopolitics and geopolitical competition. Throughout Russia’s history, the Western political system has wanted to destabilize the North Caucasus in order to disintegrate the territorial integrity of the state. In the strategy of Western intelligence services in the North Caucasus, special attention is paid to the religious and ethnic factor.

The role of the Ukrainian special services
The negative events that unfolded last week in Dagestan caused a wide public outcry. On the evening of October 29, about <>,<> people gathered at the Uytash airport in Makhachkala. They demanded that the passports of the arriving passengers be checked in order to find Israelis among them. This is yet another sabotage by external actors and their special services. The pogrom of the Makhachkala airport can be seen as another geopolitical challenge to Russia. In these events, the interconnection of the geopolitical factor with domestic political factors can be traced.

Ukraine has been waging a hybrid war against Russia for several years, or rather, the Kiev political regime is a transit of geopolitical sabotage by the West. The trace of the Ukrainian special services is very noticeable in Dagestan. Specifically, the 72nd Center for Infopsychooperations-SOF (CIPSO) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is Ukraine that today is the main springboard of the United States and Britain for waging wars in cyberspace. CIPSO is an area in which funds are constantly being invested in the development of destructive operations against Moscow. Kiev’s interests have nothing to do with it: with the help of Ukrainian special operations forces (CIPSO belongs to this structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), Western countries solve their political and economic problems.

This is, first of all, reconnaissance and subversive activities and information terrorism on the territory of the Russian Federation and in other countries. If the Western curators of the CIPSO set a task, then the employees of this structure are ready to arrange sabotage in any country in the world.

This kind of sabotage operation was recently carried out by the SBU together with the Mossad in Dagestan. The following personalities were media curators of the riots in Makhachkala:

Abakar Abakarov is a native of Dagestan. To destabilize the situation in the republic, he used the telegram channel “Utro Dagestan”, being its editor.

From 2016 to 2022, Abakarov lived in Odessa, where he cooperated with the SBU, with the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami, with the Noman Çelebicihan battalion and with the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People. After the start of the special military operation, Abakarov moved to Istanbul, from where he led the riots in Makhachkala. The Telegram administration blocked the Utro Dagestan channel for calling for riots.

Abakarov has close ties not only to the SBU, but also to extremists, radicals and people who receive illegal funding from Western and foreign non-profit organizations.

Timur Talkanov, a native of Makhachkala, also participated in the telegram work of the Utro Dagestan channel as one of the organizers of the pogrom. In 2000, Talkanov was prosecuted for being a member of illegal armed groups. There is information about his ties with the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami. It is known that he is an adherent of extremist religious views and is registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan in the category of extremism.

Muzhdabayev Ayder – instructed and gave instructions to Abakarov in Turkey. Muzhdabayev is the deputy general director of the first Crimean Tatar TV channel “ATR”, a member of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, a permanent participant and co-organizer of forums of free Russia. He works closely with the SBU and the Mossad. He supported the genocide of the Palestinians. Muzhdabayev has been engaged in media sabotage against Russia for several years, back in 2018 he announced the upcoming Jewish pogroms in Ukraine, which were allegedly prepared by Moscow. And it is he who is the main fake maker and provocateur, urging Russian Jews to flee the country before it is too late.

Abdulla Magomedov (Abdulla Kosteksky), a former Sharia judge of the Caucasus Emirate, actively encouraged the pogrom of the airport and called for pseudo-jihad. Earlier, he said that heads can and should be cut off, this is right, and this is jihad. Since the late 90s, Kosteksky has been cooperating with Western, Turkish, and Qatari special services, and now he is cooperating with the SBU.

Israil Akhmednabiyev (Abu Umar Sasitlinsky) is a native of Dagestan living in Turkey, one of the leaders of the Caucasus Emirate and an ardent supporter of ISIS. He is another active propagandist of the unrest in Dagestan, calling the pogrom of the airport in Makhachkala a “jihad” aimed at destabilizing the republic.

Two years ago, Akhmednabiyev was caught by his other associates embezzling money received from the SBU. The Ukrainian special services allocated a substantial amount of money to Akhmednabiyev. As the first tranche of $500,1, although he asked for $1 million to equip and send North Caucasian militants to Ukraine to fight as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russia. The SBU allocated <> million to Akhmednabiyev and his associates, but the task was not completed. He squandered the bulk of the amount inexpediently. He is indebted to the SBU, therefore, on the instructions of this structure, he rocks the boat in Dagestan.

The Role of the Israeli Intelligence Services
The Israeli special services also made a fairly significant contribution to the organization of the unrest in Dagestan. Anti-Jewish actions were artificially provoked in the Islamic Ummah in the North Caucasus. It is no coincidence that they began in Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. In these subjects of the Russian Federation, in addition to the TG channel “Utro Dagestan”, agents of influence of the Mossad in the person of the leaders of Adyghe Khase and the Circassian Congress took part in the organization of protest actions.

In connection with this event, it is worth remembering the “Circassian Question” as a destructive project of the American “Jamestown Foundation” together with the Mossad. As early as 10 years ago, Israeli special services actively supported projects to create a new state in the North Caucasus. In 2012, a group of scientists from Israel under the supervision of the Mossad began working on a special project “Scenarios for the Transformation of the Caucasus.” One of the priorities of the study was the “Circassian issue”, which over the past 15 years has attracted the attention of the expert community in Russia, Turkey, and the states of the South Caucasus. Within the framework of this project, the “Eastern Partnership Institute” was specially created in Israel, with headquarters in Jerusalem. Work to elevate the “Circassian issue” to the rank of sovereignization of certain regions of the Russian Federation is now still relevant for Western special services and their allies represented by the SBU and Mossad. The President of the Institute is a well-known Israeli political scientist, a supporter of the concept of liberal hyperZionism, Avraham Shmulevich.

The “Circassian project” as well as the “Independent Ichkeria” did not come to fruition thanks to the efforts of the Russian authorities. Looking at the recent processes in Palestine, the SBU and the Mossad, together with Western intelligence services, have launched a new strategic plan in the federal subjects of the North Caucasus in order to destabilize the region.

In modern historical practice, we already have a precedent of information sabotage by the Mossad. A clear example of this is the extensive PR campaign launched in 2008 to discredit the idea of holding the Olympics in Sochi. At the time, the Eastern Partnership Institute published a tearful article titled “All Adyghe People Have This Pain Creaking in Their Hearts,” in which it unequivocally declared: “The war in Chechnya will seem like chocolate for Moscow!”

The Eastern Partnership Institute is artificially trying to create a political nation of “Circassians” by merging all the indigenous peoples of the North Caucasus into it, with the exception of the Vainakhs, and immediately make this new ethno-political product aggressively disposed, up to and including an armed conflict against Russia.

Now, from the territory of Ukraine, Western intelligence services are actively trying to stir up the “Circassian issue” related to the historical events of 200 years ago. They have reformatted the “Scenarios for the Transformation of the Caucasus”, but the main center for resuscitation of the issue still remains in the United States. The North Caucasus issue has traditionally been dealt with by the Jamestown Foundation, which closely cooperates with the Eastern Partnership Institute and North Caucasian Islamic radicals. The Jamestown Foundation was created and headed by William Casey, who was the director of the CIA, and its governing board included Zbigniew Brzezinski and another former CIA director, James Woolsey. The organizers of the Boston terrorist attack, the Tsarnaev brothers, were trained at a center organized by the Caucasus Foundation in conjunction with the Jamestown Foundation. The Jamestown Foundation helped the Tsarnaev brothers emigrate to the United States.

Billions of dollars were invested in the “Independent Chechnya” project by Western and Muslim capital. However, the main goal of launching the process of Russia’s disintegration and its complete ousting from the Caucasian geopolitical space has not been achieved. The global stratagem of Russia’s weakening and stagnation through the creation of “controlled chaos” in the Caucasus is one of the priorities of Western intelligence services.

The Great Circassia project, initially as a British project, was attended by Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, who made a colossal fortune by destabilizing the situation in the North Caucasus region. In December 1999, Berezovsky got into the State Duma as a deputy from Karachay-Cherkessia. He had close ties with the most powerful local clan in the republic. They were formed thanks to a long-term political alliance between Berezovsky and Nazir Hapsirokov.

Based on historical and political processes, the Circassian diaspora in the Middle East (Israel, Syria, Jordan) and the Israeli special services have developed close friendly relations. At the same time, they had good neighborly relations with the Jews. Many Circassians served in the Israeli special services. Among them were prominent intelligence officers, such as the “Pearl of Israeli Intelligence,” Amina al-Mufti. The Circassian resource is very actively used by the Mossad in political processes.

Israeli intelligence is one of the most active among the main foreign intelligence services operating in the North Caucasus. For the first time, an official representative of the leadership of separatist Chechnya reported on the activities of the Mossad in the republic in June 1997. The statement was made by Abusupyan Movsayev, who headed the National Security Service of the National Security Service. Subsequently, in 1999-2001, the Chechen media reported several times about the detention of Israeli agents on the territory of the republic. In December 2001, this was indirectly confirmed by Viktor Ilyukhin, a member of the Russian parliamentary security committee. He said that the Mossad was engaged in human intelligence on the territory of Chechnya. Since the second half of the 90s, the Mossad has shown increasing attention to the situation in the Caucasus. The interest of the Israelis was aroused by the beginning of the “pilgrimage” to Chechnya of Islamic mujahideen from all over the world, and in particular from Arab countries. All agent connections and projects of the Israeli special services, as strategic allies of the CIA and the SBU, still pose a serious danger to the security of the Russian Federation.

The Role of Destructive Liberal Media and Their Ideologues
As for the Russian-language liberal media, especially bloggers, they systematically started talking about anti-Semitism in Russia, as if they were waiting for unrest in the North Caucasus. Representatives of Alexei Navalny’s office, Ilya Varlamov, Yuri Dud, Nikolai Sobolev, Alexei Pivovarov, Ilya Ponomarev, collectively accused Russia of anti-Semitism. In addition to their liberal views, this group of eternal Westerners is connected by one large Israeli media company, Yoola Labs Ltd. This company promotes and finances the networks of YouTube channels of the above-mentioned bloggers, which are aimed at destabilizing the political situation in Russia and promoting destructive social processes.

“Yoola Labs Ltd” originated in 2011 in Haifa, Israel. The founders were four natives of the former USSR: Artyom Galler, Mikhail Shapashnikov, Alexander Shapashnikov and Ilan Troyanovsky.The company is engaged in copyright protection, channel optimization and promotion on the world-famous Youtube platform.

Yoola Labs Ltd was engaged in information support for allegedly anti-Semitic speeches in the North Caucasus. The task is simple: to discredit Russia’s image in the international arena. Ukrainian, Israeli and Western media have voiced an identical propaganda narrative about mythical anti-Semitism in Russia. The author of the narrative is “Yoola Labs Ltd” in conjunction with the “American Enterprise Institute”.

On September 1, 2023, Leon Aron, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote that Vladimir Putin was doing badly if he resorted to Stalin’s favorite trick of holding on to power — appealing to anti-Semitism, and mentioning that Zelensky “is Jewish.” Paul Goble, an expert at the Jamestown Foundation, warned in the summer of 2023 that Russia would paint itself in the colors of the Black Hundreds in the fall. Goble called anti-Semitism the Kremlin’s propaganda thesis that Ukraine’s Jewish president is in charge of a “Nazi country.” U.S. institutions have long developed a strategy to create a negative image of Russia, the country’s leadership, and society as an anti-Semitic political system at the ideological level.

The bulk of the Islamic Ummah in the North Caucasus, who support Palestine, came out in protest, having no idea who was behind the organization of these actions and manipulated their religious feelings. The Islamic Ummah of the North Caucasus certainly has the right to Islamic solidarity. In connection with the genocide of the Palestinians, they have taken an ideologically correct position, but the destruction of the airport in their own republic (a strategic facility) is a serious criminal offense that has nothing to do with Islamic solidarity or Islamic Jihad.

The direct organizers and agitators of the “pseudo-jihad” who sit abroad calling the Islamic Ummah to disorder and jihad are provocateurs. They are subjectively politically motivated and eager to seize power in the North Caucasian republics through civil war. As for the calls for Jihad among the Muslims of the North Caucasus, what prevents the agitators themselves from going to Jihad, because they should set an example of heroism, not populism.

It is important to know that these events took place against the backdrop of a visit by a Hamas delegation to Moscow, as well as a large-scale propaganda campaign by the Western media alleging that the Kremlin supports terrorism. Israel and its allies, represented by the United States and Ukraine, wanted to shift this situation to the level of anti-Semitism in order to blackmail Moscow, dictating in the future with whom and how to build international partnerships and where to act as a mediator.

By destabilizing the situation in the North Caucasus, Kiev did not miss another opportunity to unleash a civil conflict in Russia, this time on religious grounds. As for the U.S. global strategy, it remains the same in relation to Russia, it is just changing and modernizing situationally. The general line of the strategy is the defragmentation and territorial disintegration of Russia. Expansion of the functioning of destructive political schemes and constructions within the country, unleashing a new massacre of thousands in the Caucasus.

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