Houthi Ansar Allah Movement Holds Military Exercise In Which Reserve Forces Simulate Attacks On American, British, and Israeli Targets; Asserts Readiness To Make Sacrifices For Palestinians In Gaza

On February 3, 2024, the Houthi-run Yemen War Media Telegram channel posted a 44-minute video depicting a military exercise carried out by units from “reserve and central intervention forces” of the Yemeni armed forces. The video was titled, “Yemen is the Support of Palestine.” The exercise simulated attacks on American, British, and Israeli positions and the takeover of bases and “settlements of the Zionist enemy,” that were similar to the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. The drill, which was also broadcast live on The Houthis’ Al-masirah TV channel, was held in the context of the preparations of the Houthi forces for “the battle of the assured victory and the holy jihad,” and as assistance for Al-Aqsa Flood.[1]

The exercise began with various kinds of rocket fire, tank fire, and artillery fire aimed at simulated positions of the American, British and Israeli enemy. At the same time the positions were bombed by a fleet of about eight drones equipped with explosives.

At this point, the operatives simulated storming and breaking into Israeli positions and “settlements” from several separate access points. This took place while infantry troops took over “the enemy command” and captured its soldiers. The exercise also simulated ambushes of vehicles carrying senior “enemy” officials, detonating vehicles, and capturing senior enemy officials.

Houthi Deputy Chief of Staff Ali Hamoud Al-Moushki, who spoke during the exercise, asserted that the Houthi armed forces are prepared to execute the instructions of the leader of the revolution, ‘Abd Al-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, “to assist the sons of Gaza.” He added that support for Gaza is “a religious, moral and ethical obligation,” and stressed that the Yemeni people are prepared to make sacrifices to help the sons of Gaza.

It is notable that during recent months especially since U.S. and British forces first attacked Houthi targets on January 11, the Ansar Allah movement has provided media coverage of several exercises carried out by various units. This is apparently an effort to demonstrate Houthi military capabilities and its willingness to mobilize to come to the aid of the Palestinians in Gaza.[2] [1] Telegram, February 3, 2024.

[2] See for example MEMRI JTTM Reports: In Graduation Ceremony Of Second Batch Of General Mobilization Forces, Houthi Ansar Allah Movement Showcases Attack On Virtual Israeli, American, British Targets, January 21, 2024; and Houthi Ansar Allah Movement Publishes Photos Of Military Exercise Showing Fighters Aiming At Tents Bearing Star Of David, January 12, 2024.

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