Calm Prevails in Iraq and Syria as US Plans Enhanced Air Defenses Post-Hezbollah Brigades’ Ceasefire Announcement

The Iraqi Hezbollah announced the suspension of its activities against US forces, according to al-Watan.

Following the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades’ declaration to halt military and security operations against American forces, a notable calm was observed across American bases in Iraq and Syria. This development comes in the wake of an attack at the “Tower 22” base on the Jordanian border with Syria, which resulted in the death of three US soldiers and injuries to 40 others.

The Iraqi Hezbollah announced the suspension of its activities against US forces on Tuesday evening, stating the move was intended to “embarrass the Iraqi government.” Al-Sumaria News Agency cited Abu Hussein Al-Hamidawi, Secretary-General of the Brigades, affirming their commitment to defending the people of Gaza through other means. Al-Hamidawi advised the Free Hezbollah Brigades to maintain a stance of “passive defense” in case of any hostile actions from the US.

The Pentagon, responding to the Brigades’ decision, indicated that they are aware of the reports but emphasized that “actions speak louder than words.”

CBS network sources revealed that Washington plans to send additional air defences to the American base on the Jordanian-Syrian border. The base, which had not previously been targeted before the recent attack, reportedly lacks advanced air defense systems compared to other US bases in Iraq and Syria that frequently face attacks.

The drone attack on the northeastern Jordanian base near the Syrian border, which occurred over the weekend, resulted in significant casualties. This incident coincided with ongoing military training exercises by the “International Coalition” led by Washington at illegal American bases in Syria. Opposition media sources reported hearing explosions at the “Al-Omar Oil Field” base in Deir-ez-Zor’s eastern countryside, attributed to live ammunition training exercises by the coalition forces.

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