The Israeli army left Shifu: They killed more than 200 people, burned down all hospital buildings…

The Israeli army announced its withdrawal from the largest health complex in the Gaza Strip, Shifa Hospital, and its surroundings.

Incidentally, attacks on hospital buildings began on March 18 and lasted for 14 days.

It has been announced that despite the extensive destruction in the hospital complex and the damage caused inside, civilians, patients, and medical teams were prevented from being harmed during the attacks, as reported by Anadolu Agency.

On the other hand, Palestinian officials emphasize that during the 14-day attacks, the Israeli army killed more than 200 Palestinians in Shifa Hospital and its surroundings and detained more than 900 Palestinians.

After the Israeli forces withdrew from the area, the extent of the attacks became apparent.

Shifa Hospital lies in ruins, with dozens of bodies visible in the surrounding streets. Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces, before withdrawing, set fire to all the buildings of Shifa Hospital.

They also stated that Israeli forces completely destroyed the floors and rooms of the surgical building of the hospital and set ablaze the main reception and emergency building, destroying all medical supplies inside.

Palestinian health officials have also stated that the hospital is completely non-functional.

Health officials have indicated that the army destroyed all medical equipment in the hospital, as well as operating rooms and intensive care units.

Israeli forces withdrew after destroying parts of the hospital on November 24, 2023, ten days after seizing Shifa Hospital, the largest health complex in the Gaza Strip.

Author: Ismet

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