Insecurity Erodes Chances of Civilian Rule in Niger and Mali

Some experts have expressed fears that with the increasing violence in the Sahel, due to the multiplicity of armed groups, it’s hard to see how a political transition could actually take place. “All parties now acknowledge that the challenges in the region are even higher than expected,” says Afolabi Adekaiyaoja, a political analyst at the Centre for Democracy and Development in Abuja. Adekaiyaoja said that the level of violence that has followed the departure of Western troops has surprised even the juntas, “especially in Niger”,

While in Mali a roadmap leading to elections was supposed to be put in place in February, paving the way for the junta to leave power on 26 March – but its military rulers have already missed the deadline.

“They are using the meltdown within Ecowas to free themselves from any democratic obligation,” another analyst said.

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