State Department for N1: Some provisions of the declaration of Serbia and Republika Srpska continue the RS’s attempts to destabilize BiH and the region

On the occasion of the declaration adopted at the “All-Serbian Assembly” in Belgrade, the U.S. State Department assessed that some of the provisions in that declaration are a continuation of Republika Srpska’s attempts to violate the Dayton Peace Agreement and destabilize Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

The United States believes that the future of all Western Balkan countries lies in the European Union in which regional cooperation and good neighborly relations lead to greater peace, security, and prosperity for all.

“We call on political leaders in the region to make better use of their meetings to promote regional stability and reconciliation. As we have consistently made clear, we firmly support the sovereignty, territorial integrity and multi-ethnic character of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which Republika Srpska is a part. Some of the provisions in the declaration are a continuation of the attempts of Republika Srpska to violate the Dayton Peace Agreement and destabilize BiH and the region,” it is pointed out.

The United States recognizes Kosovo as a sovereign, independent state, as it has done since 2008.

The governments of Serbia and Republika Srpska adopted a declaration with 49 conclusions at the “All-Serbian Assembly”, which, among other things, states that the Serbian people represent a “single entity”, states that the Dayton Agreement has been “permanently and significantly violated” and calls on all international actors to return to its respect. It is also stated that the territory of Republika Srpska cannot be alienated outside the Constitution and laws of that entity of BiH.

“The All-Serbian Assembly believes that the Republic of Srpska may, to the extent it deems appropriate, activate all competencies that are envisaged as the competencies of the entities according to the Dayton Peace Agreement,” the declaration adds.

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