Flooding Hits Several Parts of Bosnia

Author : Mircea Birca | Thursday, May 15, 2014
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Buildings and farmland have been flooded in Bosnia after heavy rain caused many rivers to overflow.

Constant rain over the last few days has left many areas in Bosnia flooded, damaging homes, bridges and agricultural land. Forecasts say the bad weather will continue until next week.

Flooding was worst in Sarajevo and Tuzla regions, as well as in central Bosnia, in Gorazde in the east and Bijeljina in the northeast.

In the Sarajevo districts of Ilidza and Hadzici many houses and other facilities were flooded, as were some roads. Reports said more than 200 houses were hit by flood water in these areas.

Roads around Zenica and Visoko were cut off owing to the rain while several villages were reported to be cut off from main roads.

The Bosna, Krivaja and Spreca rivers threaten to overflow further having already flooded some areas in the Zenica-Doboj and Tuzla Cantons.

Some municipalities have pronounced a state of emergency, including Lukavac, Kladanj, Srebrenik and Gradacac. Around a hundred homes were reported flooded in Lukavac.

In Bijeljina, where a state of emergency was proclaimed, four small overflowing rivers pose a danger to roads leading towards Zvornik and Brcko.

The power company, Elektroprivreda BiH, said around 2,500 homes in Sarajevo Canton have been left without power owing to floods. Hundreds have also been left without electricity around Zenica and Tuzla.