Burkina: General Diendéré entrenched in an embassy, the still ongoing negotiations

Author : Mircea Birca | Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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The Burkinabe government announced Wednesday that the General Gilbert Diendéré is currently in an embassy. Negotiations are in progress so that it is delivered to the authorities.

“General Gilbert Diendéré retreated to a diplomatic representation. Negotiations are underway for his surrender to the authorities of the transition, “said a government statement issued Wednesday, September 30. The authorities did not specify which embassy it is but according to Burkinabe media Diendéré took refuge in the embassy of the Vatican, the Apostolic Nuncio in. Tuesday evening, the General had said to be “safe” and assured that he would “make available to the justice of his country.”

Shortly after this statement, the army took over the presidential palace and the camp Kosyam said Naaba Koom-II which had entrenched the last hostile elements of the former Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), dissolved Friday, September 25. The general-seems Diendéré was he not present at Koom-Nabaa II camp during the assault of the army. Shortly before, he had refused his transfer, which he had been notified by the General Staff of hosts, in the Army.

Wednesday morning, elongated shooters were positioned, the weapon pointed at empty lots where soldiers of the RSP could have found refuge after fleeing their camp at the time of the assault. “We excavated yet, maybe some are still hidden”, told AFP on condition of anonymity, an officer who visited the camp on Wednesday morning. “I did not see any dead,” he added.

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