Egypt army kills 88 militants in North Sinai

Author : Mircea Birca | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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imgThe Egyptian army said on Wednesday that its forces have killed 88 militants in central and North Sinai during recent military operations.

As a continuation of an earlier campaign which started in September 2015, the army announced that it will begin the third phase of the operation entitled Martyr’s Right.

Martyr’s Right is a comprehensive military operation targeting Islamist militants in North Sinai.

Army spokesperson Mohamed Samir said that during the past four days Egyptian forces killed 85 militants, detained three suspects, and destroyed 73 hideouts, ten cars and five motorcycles.

Samir also announced the killing of three other militants in the western parts of Halal Mountain in North Sinai.

In tandem with ground operations, “Navy special forces imposed control over Egyptian coasts to prevent illegal migration or any attempt of infiltration and smuggling across the sea,” the statement read.

Martyr’s Right is the largest and most comprehensive military operation aimed at rooting out and killing militants operating in the restive peninsula.

The Egyptian army announced the end of the first stage of the operation – which lasted 16 days – on 22 September, after the “achievement of its primary objectives.”

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