Libya’s PM says victory over ISIS is near

Author : Mircea Birca | Tuesday, June 7, 2016
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The prime minister of Libya’s UN-backed government said in comments published on Sunday that “total victory” against the Islamic State group in its main Libyan stronghold was near as forces closed in on the coastal city of Sirte.

Fayez al-Serraj told France’s the Journal du Dimanche newspaper that his government needed international intelligence and technical assistance, but “not airstrikes.”

The comments came a day after a spokesperson for forces allied with his government said they captured a military base about 30km southwest of Sirte.

The spokesperson Brigadier General Mohammed al-Gosry, said “we are officially in Sirte and only days away from controlling the centre of the city.”

“This total victory against ISIS in Sirte is near. We will be able to also take control of all these zones it has occupied. We also hope that this war against terrorism can unite Libya. But it will be long. And the international community knows it,” al-Serraj told the French newspaper.

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