Moldova to join Platinum Eagle maneuvers in Romania

Author : Mircea Birca | Saturday, February 10, 2018
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imgThe Moldovan Defense Ministry says its troops will participate in military exercises in Romania along with troops from the United States, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the host country.

The announcement on February 9 said some 60 service members and 12 vehicles from Moldova will join the Platinum Eagle exercises on February 12-16 in Romania’s Babadag military range.

In 2017, the Defense Ministry renounced plans to participate in that year’s version of the exercises after pro-Russian President Igor Dodon refused to sign a decree allowing the deployment.

The Platinum Eagle event is aimed at enhancing the ability of the participating forces to fight together and to develop a regional environment favorable for multinational military cooperation, officials say.

Moldova’s forces participated in the 2016 Platinum Eagle maneuvers.

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