Israeli citizen indicted for trying to join ISIS, produce explosives

Author : Mircea Birca | Thursday, October 10, 2019
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A resident of the southern Israeli town of Tel Sheva was indicted on Sunday for attempting to join the ISIS terrorist organization and produce explosives.

Bilal Abu Rakaik, 20, intended to join the terrorist group and travel to Syria because he supported ISIS ideology. In an attempt to identify with the jihadist organization, Rakaik would listen to songs praising ISIS and read posts and news from the group, including about the war the organization was fighting in Syria, Somalia and Iraq, and about terrorist attacks conducted by it in these countries.
The accused bought uniforms similar to those used by ISIS through the Internet, and wore them daily with sandals outside of his house and in the mosque that he attended. He also took pictures in the uniform and published them on Facebook.

Rakaik found an Internet site detailing the requirements for joining ISIS, including the necessity to apply for a passport to exit Israel. In order to fund his trip to Syria, the accused planned on producing explosives and selling them to others. Rakaik looked at multiple websites for information on how to produce explosives and explosive material. He bought hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid and aluminum foil and attempted to produce the explosive material in his home.

The case is being investigated by the central Israel Police unit in the Negev and by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service).

The indictment charged Rakaik with attempting to join a terrorist organization, attempting to provide services or means to a terrorist organization and attempting a weapons-related crime.

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