NATO allies turn down Bush request

BUCHAREST, Romania – President Bush suffered a painful diplomatic setback Wednesday when NATO allies rebuffed his passionate pleas to put former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia on the path toward membership in the Western military alliance.

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Afghanistan: is it too late?

The Taliban are very far from being defeated. Worse, western governments are in denial about the dangers of failingA normal week in Kabul recently went like this: one day unknown attackers dressed in military gear kidnapped a local businessman; 48 hours later a rocket landed in a deserted area; not …

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Afghanistan: Bomb in Market Kills 8

On a day when the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, said his country intended to strengthen its military presence in the NATO force in Afghanistan, a car bomb exploded at a crowded farmers’ market in southern Afghanistan, killing eight civilians and wounding 17, Afghan officials said.

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