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Afghanistan: is it too late?

The Taliban are very far from being defeated. Worse, western governments are in denial about the dangers of failingA normal week in Kabul recently went like this: one day unknown attackers dressed in military gear kidnapped a local businessman; 48 hours later a rocket landed in a deserted area; not …

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Answers for Afghanistan?

The visit to Afghanistan by North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer last week was meant to shore up confidence in the mission to stabilise the country and secure it once and for all from control of extremism in the form of the Taleban. Though Mr Jaap …

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Vida: Afghan Woman Organisation helps women become aware of their rights.

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS This Afghan-American says she has the best of both worlds There is one question that Vida Samadzai is constantly asked: “How is Osama and are you his mistress?” Vida nonchalantly shrugs it off, with a reply that “plays along” to the tune. She answers: “Yeah, he is …

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