Moldova interim PM to form new government

Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti on Wednesday invited caretaker Prime Minister Vlad Filat, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, to form the new government. The president made the decision after consultations with the parties in the former governing coalition, the Alliance for European Integration.

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Workers Protest in Romania Over Unpaid Wages

Angry employees of the Oltchim chemical company rallied in Bucharest demanding payment of their overdue wages and urging the government to step in and save the plant.Around 1,000 workers at Romania’s ailing Oltchim plant staged a protest on Tuesday in front of the government building in Bucharest, demonstrating against unpaid …

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UK PM to unveil sweeping immigration crackdown

Prime Minister David Cameron will unveil a sweeping immigration crackdown on Monday, March 25, aimed at discouraging migrants from Romania and Bulgaria from moving to Britain when EU restrictions on their right to travel and work there expire next year, Reuters reported. Under his plans, access to Britain’s National Health …

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