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Islamic State carries out another attack on Iraqi Kurdish forces

The Islamic State has attacked the security forces in Iraqi Kurdistan in recent days. The Islamic State (IS) attacked Kurdistan Region forces and civilians in northern Iraq today, according to local media. IS fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades at villages in the town of Makhmour. There were casualties among members of …

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Investigation finds militias involved in Iraqi post-election violence

A special committee implicates militias in causing violent clashes on Nov. 5 A committee charged with investigating violence between Iraqi security forces and pro-militia demonstrators released its report Dec. 1 on the Nov. 5 clashes that occurred as demonstrators protested election results. The committee was formed by Prime Minister Mustafa …

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Sudan-Ethiopia border dispute deepens internal chaos for both

The Ethiopia-Sudan border conflict has hit the headlines once again, with their armed forces renewing bloody clashes at a time when the two countries are going through unprecedented internal turmoil. Clashes have renewed between the Sudanese and Ethiopian troops in the disputed border area. This latest escalation came at a …

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