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The Ukraine Riddle & the War of Words

Today being a Sunday, I happened to hit upon 2 gloom stories [] [] on a world crisis smothering at the Ukrainian front, a situation that has the potential to blow out into human extinction. It seems, American politicians simply cannot understand this world anymore and their power-media brainwashing with …

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Islamic State wipes out entire army outpost in Iraq’s Diyala

The latest major Islamic State attack in Iraq left 11 dead, including soldiers and their commanding officer, at an army outpost in a restive area northeast of Baghdad. Islamic State fighters overran an Iraqi army outpost in the freezing early morning hours of Friday, killing 11 soldiers including their commanding …

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Is Turkey isolating Azaz from rest of Syrian territory?

The Turkish-backed Free Syria Army in the northern countryside of Aleppo denies building a wall to isolate Azaz and claims that the wall is aimed at protecting the road between Azaz and Afrin from attacks by Kurdish forces and Syrian regime forces. Media outlets close to the Syrian government have …

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