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Experts Urge Improved Anti-Terrorism Strategy in Serbia

Serbia’s next anti-terrorism strategy, if there is one, must address the threat from right-wing extremism, experts say. Serbia needs a new and improved counter-terrorism strategy, experts say, amid concern over what will come after the current platform when it expires this year. There has been no official word on what …

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EU Bid Gives North Macedonia’s Embattled Govt Temporary Lifeline

A failed attempt to topple the government has given it a fresh boost – but its long-term survival depends on success in delivering a start to EU accession talks. After last week’s failed attempt by the opposition to oust North Macedonia’s Social Democratic government in a no-confidence vote – which …

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Unbuilt Sewage Treatment Plants Cost Montenegro Taxpayers Millions

Seven Montenegrin municipalities were offered multi-million-euro grants in 2012 to build essential wastewater treatment plants to prevent sewage polluting rivers and the sea, but no construction work has begun yet, and as years pass, the potential cost keeps rising. Rozaje was intended to be one of the first municipalities in …

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