Russian invaders suffer new casualties

Spokesman of State Defense Council Majlis al-Shura of CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) reported to Kavkaz Center news agency that 21 invaders and national-traitors were killed during combat actions and sabotage operations of Mujahideen for the past two days.

According to the command of Mujahideen, combat actions occurred in Vedeno, Shali, and Nojay-Yurt district of the country. So, in a gorge of the river Bass, the mobile squad of Chechen fighters twice attacked a military convoy of occupational formations. During these attacks, four motor vehicles were destroyed. Eight invaders were killed and wounded.

In Shali district of CRI on the exit of Shali, sabotage group of Mujahideen attacked an UAZ jeep with invaders onboard, having killed one and wounded three aggressors.

In Nojay-Yurt district, mobile group of Mujahideen attacked Special Forces of invaders. According to the Chechen sources, firefight occurred in several kilometers from village Gansolchu. During the firefight seven Russin invaders were eliminated. Some aggressors got wounded. Three fighter wounded from Mujahideen side.

At least five invaders and two munafiqs (hypocrites) were killed last Thursday in capital Jokhar. The source in the Chechen command says that Mujahideen a few times attacked block post of aggressors and organized ambushes. It is reported that skirmishes and combats occurred in the north district of the capital.

Meanwhile, according to Human Right sources, in particular, edition Kavkaz-Memo, last Thursday, in settlement Aldy of Zavodskoy district of capital, the group of Mujahideen attacked a gang of Russian chastisers. As a result of a sudden attack, 3 invaders were from a gang of “troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia”.

Also on Thursday morning, in Staropromyslov district of Jokhar, a group of Mujahideen attacked a post of traitos from Kikiyev gang, which in occupational reports named as “a battalion of Special Troops of GRU Zapad.” Firefight took place in area of settlement “Turbina”. One gangster was eliminated and three others were wounded.

It is also reported that in Urus-Martan a mine explosion was wounded one national-traitor.

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