Chechen accident is authorized by leaders of west

One of the main reasons of the Chechen accident is that it is authorized by leaders of the West. Thus “the new world order”, probably, is established: They want the oppressed people to get accustomed to a hopelessness of their fate before the policy of the state terror.

“The Chechen Republic is simply assigned. More exact, tattered… Under the pretext, that this small highland is the integral part of Russia . Writes in the book ” War in the Chechen Republic . The international tribunal ” (Moscow, 1996, page 21 ” 23) former Minister for Foreign Affairs of the USSR Boris Pankin.

Well known politic and diplomat considers, that the approach of the West to a question on the Chechen Republic is”… Double, threefold, may be the greater standard”, for”… If the Chechen Republic also is an integral part the great neighbor, not in the greater and not to a lesser degree, than Ukraine or Georgia , or Kazakhstan . It does not mean, that I call to return these independent states in a bosom of the Union, but for the sake of logic let’s recollect, that Ukraine three hundred years back has voluntary come, more truly, has returned to structure of Russia, that Georgia has asked for the Russian king of protection in the beginning of the last century. With Kazakhstan something similar happened a little bit earlier, and the Chechen Republic was conquered only in the middle of the last century…”

Boris Pankin further writes, that ” the Chechen Republic , as well as many other things, appeared to be a card in shameful politics tricks. Question is: why the international community has believed, or has pretended, that has believed the management of Russia … Other state and politic figures simply try everything to interpret in favorable sense any adventure undertaken by the Russian authorities.

Any trick is taken as truth. How many of them were launched, since the application, that war for a long time is completed and it is necessary to disarm last illegal armed formations, or the imitation of peace talks and finishing with a farce of free elections…”

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