Details of the special operation of the Mujahideen in Avtury

As reported earlier by DAYMOHK, a large-scale special operation has been carried out in Avtury by CRI Armed Forces. Today the same agency published some details of the operation.

On 21 August, at 5 p.m. Johar time, Mujahideen from the subdivisions of the Kurchaloi sector took completely control of the village of Avtury and began the liquidation of national traitors.

The units of the Amirs Halid (Amir of the Kurchaloi sector), Abubakar, Muhammad and others participated in the military operation. The operation ended at 9 p.m. The Mujahideen left the village afterwards.

Six national traitors were killed and an equal number wounded as a result of the special operation in Avtury, according to operational reports. However, the reports are being scrutinized and the losses suffered by the enemy might be higher.

The source of the agency reported that the national traitors filled the radio waves with cries for help, which came late, as always. Without waiting for help, the munafiqs scattered over the entire village under the Mujahideen attacks, searching for cover and attempting to find a way out of their blocked village, but they came under fire from the Chechen Mujahideen

The Mujahideen were accepted very well by the local population. The inhabitants helped with food, water, asked about problems and declared their readiness to help.

The inhabitants talked about their difficult situation: “These monsters are keeping us under slave conditions. We can’t express our support for you either, because they are keeping their paid informers here, people disappear without trace”.

There were no killed or wounded on the Chechen side.

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