As ingushs «abducted» Russian soldier

Before some weeks the Russian MASS-MEDIA were delivered of the next sensation: how bad ingushs abducted two soldiers near by at 58 Russian armies who not only maintained as slaves, but even “made actions of sexual character “.

Let’s remind, that at 16 September employees of power structures of Northern Ossetia have detained two inhabitants of village Tarskoe: ingushs Adzhieva Zakri and Chanieva Mahmuda, having accused them in kidnapping, violent deduction and rape the soldier of urgent service Gennady Kalabuha and Andrey Erofeeva.

However, as it was found out now, all this sensations about malicious ingushs and a history with kidnapping and rape, appeared the cleanest disinformation, which was distributed by the Russian special services and authorities of Northern Ossetia.

The lawyer center “Memorial” has carried out own investigation of this history and that has found out.

Employees of FSB, ROVD and RUBOP arrived to that day in village Tarskoe, a criminal investigation department and military Office of Public Prosecutor in structure of 40-50 persons. The Ingush part of village was blocked from different directions by military engineering. Attached in Tarskoe the mixed mobile group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, called to provide the order in settlement of joint residing between ossets and ingushs, about ” special action” was not notified. Moreover, as the employee of post Ganiev asserts, shortly before the beginning of operation to him and his colleagues has acted the order not to leave a post for any circumstances.

Makhmud Chaniev was detained without presentation of the warrant on arrest “for a spelling explanatory on the fact of deduction in hostages of military men of urgent service”. After the detention in his house was made the non-authorized search.

Zakri Adjiev has taken away from the street; and also without an explanation of the reasons and presentations of the warrant have taken away in department. Subsequently in house of Adjievs was also made the non-authorized search.

Employees of Northen Ossetia power structures have explained to the gathered inhabitants of neighboring houses, that Chaniev and Ajiev are detained in connection with that, according to one of the soldier, they violently kept him and his colleague within three days in the house of local resident Bekhana Evkurova, humiliated, forced to work free-of-charge, and subjected sexual harassments. In connection with that on that moment the second soldier has not returned to a part, employees of power structures have detained four more inhabitants Tarskogo, of ingushs – brothers Bokovs Timura, Khasana, Karima and Vakh Ozdoev. They were taken away from streets near a house where they live.

A bit later the disappeared soldier was found out in the unfinished house located on surburb of village near a stationary post of mobile group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by employees of power structures. Brothers Bokovs and Ozdoev have released.

“When they have resulted the soldier in department of understood, we began to be indignant, and have told, that neighbours, instead of soldiers should be understood, but inspector Isaev has answered” neighbours may not be understood “, – asserts witnesses Ismailova Ajshat and Chanieva Zulihan.

The local residents interrogated LC “Memorial “, declare, that accusations against Chaniev and Ajiev are forged. As they said, for the first time soldiers Kalabuh and Erofeev have appeared in the Ingush part of village Tarskoe at 12 September about 8 o’clock in the evening. They went on houses, asked a meal and work, complained that the foreman and oldworker have expelled from a part and ordered to bring 6 bottles of vodka and products. In house Chanievs gave them bread, a pack of oil and bank of tinned vegetables, which soldiers have eaten with instant directly on a place.

Next day, at 13 September, Erofeev and Kalabukh came again and again asked work. After much persuasion Evkurov has agreed to pay them 100 roubles and to give products if they will transfer bricks to the worth house (340 pieces) and sweep a court yard. Soldiers worked about two hours, Evkurov has fed them twice and has paid promised 100 roubles.

At 15 September, in the morning, soldiers have left the Ingush part of village. In the evening local resident Jusup Adzhiev again saw these soldiers. On faces of both there were bruises and grazes. When Ajiev has asked them, what happend with them, they have answered, that “arrived criminal from reconnaisance”, which beat them and force to bring vodka. Ajiev has advised to come back in a part, threatened to call in Office of Public Prosecutor if in 10 minutes they will not return.

However soldiers have not left village. Women, Ismailov and Ajiev, in the same evening have noticed one of them at house of Evkurov, which has left for Ingushetia where lives constantly. Women have asked him to leave, they have explained, that the owner is not present in a house, and that work will not be any more. The soldier has again asked meal and to carry out him to a night stall where he could buy vodka to old workers. In house of Chanievs to him distances bread, milk and tomatoes, and senior son of Chanievs – Makhmut carried out to a stall where they have together bought vodka.

Employees of LC ” Memorial” have examined house of Evkurov and may assert with the responsibility, that against will to keep in him anybody is impossible. The house is not built up and half, in it there is no closed space – a brick box with apertures instead of windows and doors.

Besides these, as local residents asserts, hungry soldiers – are often visitors in their village. ” That pea jacket will bring old – ask to buy, the form, a belt. People feed them with pity. Old workers beat regularly express, it is the known fact ” – has told the employee of local mobile group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Gennady Ganiev.

“Constantly soldiers are in our village. Give work, says, we shall dig a potato, build. It is impossibleto us, in a part, says, to return with empty hands”, – has explained the local resident Gurajev Akhmet.

And in the meantime detained of Chaniev and Ajiev by special services contain in SIZO Vladikavkaz on suspicion in kidnapping and violent actions of sexual character. According to lawyers, in day of detention both ingushs were exposed to severe beatings.

Earlier press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Northern Ossetia Alan Doev has informed the correspondent Caucasus center”, that suspected Z.Chaniev and M.Adzhiev deny the fault. ” They speak, that the soldiers did not work on them. Have simply seen poor hungry soldier, have decided to help them, have fed, have chatted with them and even have carried out to a part “, – has declared Doev.

Such a history.

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