Diplomatic Sources: ElBaradei’s Report to Be Released in a Few Hours

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Diplomatic sources Friday announced that ElBaradei’s report on Iran’s nuclear programs will be presented to the member states of the Board of Governors and the UNSC this afternoon. Speaking to FNA, a diplomat close to the IAEA officials said that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Director General has been under much pressure by the West when regulating his report on Iran’s nuclear issue, adding that officials are discussing if ElBaradei’s report should be studied at a Board of Governors’ meeting.   

The normal meeting of the IAEA’s Board of Governors is scheduled for this June, while the next week meeting of the Board is to deal with the budget plan of this international body.

“In case the Board comes up with the idea that it should hold a meeting to study ElBaradei’s report on Iran, then the member states must be called for an emergency meeting,” the source continued.

The IAEA’s articles of association stipulates that arrangement of any emergency meeting needs to be required by the IAEA Director General, chairman of the Board of Governors or one of the Board’s member states.

It also orders that if an emergency meeting is called by any states other than the Board’s members, then the demand must be qualified first.

Iran has never asked for the arrangement of an emergency meeting.

An earlier UN Security Council statement has required ElBaradei to present his report to the UNSC and the IAEA’s Board of Governors simultaneously.

Last Tuesday, that is three days before the presentation of the report, US representative to the IAEA viewed ElBaradei’s report on Iran’s compliance with the UNSC’s statement as negative.

“While the IAEA officials have not yet mentioned anything about the contents of ElBaradei’s report, how could US representative evaluate it negatively,” the diplomat asked.

“Thus, this is an indication that the United States has been informed of the report of the IAEA Director General before hand, and this is something gave which need to be questioned,” he further reiterated.

Foreign Ministers of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany are scheduled to meet in Paris on May 2nd to discuss ElBaradei’s report on Iran’s nuclear programs.

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