US State Department Spokesman:US Not in a Position to Undertake Unilateral Initiative with Iran

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- US State Department Spokesman Justin Higgins said, “In essence the US is not at this point in a position to undertake a unilateral initiative with Iran.”
“The United States is committed to working with its various allies at EU3 and with P5 at the Security Council plus Germany,” he added in a telephone interview with FNA correspondent in London on Wednesday.   

Asked if Washington is trying to suggest some sort of new offers to Iran in response to Tehran’s possible compromises specially considering the weakened role of the Europeans, Russia and China and the stronger role playing by the US at Iran’s nuclear scene, Higgins referred to the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s comments on her recent visit to Europe where she said, “To the question of Iran, the policy of the US is the policy of the Security Council of the United Nations towards Iran.”

The spokesman also quoted Rice as saying, “There is a presidential statement which states very clearly what the Iranians have to do”.

Higgins stressed that the United States is seeking the policy of supporting the United Nations to get Iran to turn away from what it has been involved in enrichment activities.

Questioned if the US administration intends to pursue the same line of foreign policy towards Iran that it adopted for the Iraqi issue, that is taking unilateral moves along with Britain and outside the UNSC, the US State Department Spokesman quoted Rice’s statements during her recent visits to Greece and Turkey, and said, “The president of the United States does not take any option off the table, but Iran is not Iraq.”

To conclude his words, Higgins asserted, “We believe in diplomatic course and we have many tools to pursue the diplomatic route.”

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