4 IAEA Inspectors Due in Tehran on Friday

A0029114.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A four-member delegation of the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors is scheduled to arrive in Iran to supervise nuclear activities in Isfahan’s UCF plant and another, yet unknown, nuclear facility.

An informed source told FNA that the one-week visit of the IAEA inspectors falls within the safeguard agreement and is viewed as the Agency’s routine inspections of nuclear sites.

The source further added that the inspectors are to visit Isfahan’s UCF plant and another nuclear facility of Iran.

The last visit by the IAEA inspectors to the Iranian nuclear facilities was paid by a two-member delegation on April 25, 2006.

Despite intense propaganda by the US and some EU countries, the visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to the Iranian nuclear sites and installations further illustrates Iran’s transparent cooperation with the IAEA.

So far an unprecedented figure of over 2000 man/day inspections have been carried out of Iran’s nuclear facilities by the IAEA, but all inspection reports, including those presented by the IAEA Director-General Mohammad ElBaradei to the UNSC and Board of Governors, are in confirmation of Iran’s continued adherence to the IAEA and NPT rules and regulations.

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