All Muslim countries will have Islamic gov’ts

5226_1.jpgPakistan‘s former army chief predicts all Muslim countries will have Islamic gov’ts


Pakistan’s former chief of army staff, (Ret’d) Gen Aslam Beg, has predicted that pure Islamic governments would emerge in almost all Islamic countries, including Pakistan, after some years.


He said that dictators of Islamic states are terming “jehadis” as terrorists but that jehad is an ideology and thinking and cannot be ended through force.


In an article published in an Urdu daily on Sunday, General Beg said that Hezbollah, with the support of the Lebanese, has changed the war map by reversing Israeli land attacks.


He said that Islamic forces were emerging throughout the world, and added that an Islamic government has been formed in Somalia.


Similarly, he said that the situation in Egypt, Turkey and Algeria could change anytime as the 70 percent populations of these countries want Islamic systems.


He said the ongoing jihad in Chechnya and Kashmir would reach their avowed destination and that Islamic awareness is also being created in Pakistan. He said that in the last elections in these states, Islamic governments had been formed in two provinces.


To a question, he said that throughout the world dictators and kings are afraid of jihad and are, therefore, terming it as a terrorist activity.


He said that Islamic values are spreading all over the world, including in Kashmir, Palestine and Lebanon. This points to an awakening of the Islamic world, he added.


To another question, Aslam Beg said that Islamic forces would emerge with greater strength against the cruelty of the West.


The former chief of the Pakistani army, said that Israel had planned to attack Iran after eliminating Hezbollah but that it would now be difficult for it to succeed in its nefarious designs.


He said that in the end the Islamic movement would succeed and the ideologies of barbarism would fail.


He also stressed the need for all Muslim countries to be united against the designs of the West.

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