Iran, US Cooperate in Repairing Airbus Engines

A0012296.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Head of Aviation Organization said that Iran and the United States will cooperate to repair the engines of Iran’s troubled Airbus passenger plane fleet in the near future.

Speaking to FNA’s economic desk, Nourollah Rezayee Niaraki described the US decision for repairing Iran’s planes as a positive move, and stated, “Given the fact that a number of the Airbus 310s of Iran’s navigation fleet are in need of engine repairs, we will take the required measures to start cooperation with the US aviation organization to fix them.”

The official said that Iran’s Aviation Organization will soon be contacted by the US party in this regard.

The US Secretary of State in a statement released on Tuesday announced that the US treasury has issued the required permissions for the supply of the spare parts needed by Iran’s passenger planes.

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