US Politician Warns of Confrontation with Iran

A0087080.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A member of the US Foreign Relations Council warned that in case Iran does not suspend its uranium enrichment, it would have to experience confrontation.

“Suspending uranium enrichment by Iran either prior or in the course of talks would prevent occurrence of a confrontation,” Charles Kouchpan said in an exclusive interview with FNA on Wednesday.

He continued, “I believe that we are now at a very crucial stage of the talks, and if Iran accepts to suspend uranium enrichment, there will be a chance for the talks to make progress.”

“Otherwise I expect the UN Security Council to shift towards sanctions,” the academician pointed out.

The George Town University Professor reminded, “In other words, suspension and negotiations promise an opening of the gate for reconciliation, which would serve the interests of all the parties involved in the story.”

He further stated that it wouldn’t matter if suspension is considered as a prerequisite or it is done in the course of talks, “Actually it is an irrelevant issue to talk about. The important point is that all the parties enter constructive talks in a bid to prevent a standoff and confrontation from happening.”

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