Iran, Indonesia Expand Railroad Cooperation

A02293605.jpgDuring the meeting, the Indonesian envoy briefed the Iranian side about the railroad potentials and capabilities of his country in the manufacture of cargo wagons, compartments, train sets and export of the said products to various countries.

He also said that the Asian Bank of Development has raised the possibility of financing the manufacture of the said items by Indonesia.

For his part, deputy chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s railroad navigation Noughani noted the trend of privatization in the Iranian railway, and further pointed to Iran’s potentials and capabilities in the manufacture of the various types of wagons and locomotives.

He also pointed to the similarities existing between some Iranian-made and Indonesian-made locomotives and called for the two sides’ joint repair and maintenance of such locomotives.

Also during the session, the Indonesian side stated its positive view about the transportation and transit of its products via Iran’s railroad network, considering Iran’s railroad network being linked to those of the neighboring countries.

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