Protest by the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark

News7641SS.jpgIranian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday strongly protested to the Danish government for screening blasphemous video clips against Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

“It is regrettable that on the anniversary of publishing anti-Islam blasphemous cartoons by Jyllands-Posten daily of Denmark in September last year and subsequent worldwide protests in which several innocent people died in clash with national police forces, certain political parties in Denmark repeated the same stupid practice of sacrilege,” the Embassy said in a statement.

“It is deplorable that the extremist elements in the Danish society have attempted to sabotage Denmark’s relations with the Islamic countries once again,” Iranian Embassy said.

“Absence of distinctive action on the part of the Danish government to stop the sacrilege against other religions which is being perpetrated by the Danish media in the name of freedom of expression, has been the cause of repetition of such stupid practices,” said the statement.

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