Rallies against Denmark’s Anti-Islamic Film in Pakistan

News7642SS.jpgPakistani people held protest rallies Sunday evening against the recent blasphemous anti-Islamic film shown by the Danish television network on Friday.

The latest blasphemy in Denmark against Islamic sanctities also had wide reflections in many other Muslim countries including Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Jordan.

According to IRIB correspondent from Pakistan, protest rallies were launched in different Pakistani cities after the worshipers prayed the congregational Prayers. The protesters called on the world Islamic states to react firmly against the Danish sacrilegious film insulting the Almighty’s last and holiest prophet, Mohammad (SAWA), which was screened by a political party in Denmark.

Pakistan’s Islamic Associations denounced the screening of such a film willingly or unwillingly and consciously or unconsciously, and held demonstrations objecting the offensive incident.

Earlier, Egypt’s Ikhwan al-Muslemin condemned the repetition of hostile measures toward Islam in the blessed month of Ramadhan. It also called for boycotting the products of countries that allow such measures.

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