Gas Exports to Turkey Resumed

A01399795.jpgFollowing the terrorist blast in northwestern Iran which disrupted gas supplies to Turkey, the western neighbor of the oil rich Iran had to increase its gas imports from Russia.

A senior law enforcement commander of the Western Azerbaijan province earlier said that the terrorist group PKK has been in charge of the blast in Iran-Turkey gas pipeline two weeks ago.

Hasan Karami told FNA that a two member terrorist team has carried out the operation, adding that one has been arrested while the police are in pursuit of the second individual who has also been identified.

The detainee is a villager and has been burnt badly when carrying out the operation.

He also pointed out that the two terrorists have been identified after they left behind some weapons and explosives at the site of their terrorist operation, 200 meters off the Iranian border town of Bazargan.

The terrorist group known as PKK has increased its threats to the citizens in northwestern Iran, and the police commander stressed that the group’s increased attacks on the public results from the PKK’s lack of social base in the area.

Karami said that Iranian and Turkish police departments have held agreements to carry out joint operations and increase entanglements to encounter the group.

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