Qatar Stresses Iranian Fish are Healthy

A0021106.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Qatar’s Health Ministry declared that Iranian fish cargoes imported into that country are not contaminated.

Head of Qatar’s Fishery Organization said repeated tests have proved that the fish cargoes imported into his country from Iran contain no harmful substances or agents.

Mohammad al-Mohandi further informed that his ministry’s ban on fish imports from Iran would soon be removed, accordingly.

The issue followed unfounded allegations by the Kuwaiti health officials who claimed that Iran’s fish cargoes exported to that country were contaminated.

This was the second time that one of the Persian Gulf littoral states claimed that Iranian fish exports were contaminated.

The health officials of another Persian Gulf littoral state also alleged last month that Iran’s exported fish were contaminated with cholera, which later came to be known as a baseless allegation.

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