Qods Day Rallies Indicate Grandeur of Muslim World

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said that the worldwide Qods Day rallies show the magnificence, power and solidarity of the world of Islam and prove once again that the world Muslims have not forgotten Palestinian people.

Representative of Baft at the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ahmad Pish-bin told FNA that the world Qods Day this year is more important than the previous years due to the courageous resistance and victory of the Lebanese Hezbollah over the Zionist regime, and further called on the world Muslims to show their strong support for the cause of the oppressed Palestinian people once again.

He said extensive public participation in the Qods rallies strengthens Palestinians, and described it as a final defeat for the world arrogance.

The MP stressed that huge rallies on the Qods Day will smash the awe and the picture that the Zionist regime has tried to paint of itself as an invincible power, reminding, “This has already been done by the brave Lebanese youth who defeated the Zionist regime by relying on God while they were fighting a fully equipped army with empty hands.”

To conclude his words, the lawmaker praised the idea of the World Qods Day which was proposed by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the late Imam Khomeini, reiterating that Iranians as well as other Muslims worldwide have proved in previous years that they may never leave Palestinians alone until full restoration of their rights and materialization of their cause.

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