Ahmadinejad, Putin survey latest int’l developments in phone talk

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a phone talk on Monday night surveyed the most significant international developments, including Iran’s nuclear dossier.

Among the other issues discussed between Ahmadinejad and Putin were bilateral ties, the latest status in war torn Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

According to Presidential Office Media Department, Ahmadinejad during the phone talk referred to the warm and friendly relations of the two countries, and stressed on the need of continued high Tehran-Moscow level consultations.

The IRI President also referred to several rounds of intensive talks between the representatives of Iran and EU on Iran’s nuclear dossier, adding, “Although those negotiations yielded very positive results, unfortunately due to lack of authority on our EU partner’s side they were apparently totally fruitless.”
Ahmadinejad reiterated that certain Western countries are opposed to any kind of advancement in Iran, including taking peaceful advantage of the nuclear energy, adding, “That is the reason why whenever the Iran-EU negotiations reach a point when achieving results is possible, they disturb the course of talks resorting to certain excuses.”
The Russian President, too, emphasized that Moscow considers Iran as a friend with a significant and very important status at the international scene, adding, “Tehran-Moscow ties are at a very satisfactory level now, and we are interested in continuing those ties in various fields.”
Putin stressed that Russia’s final stand on Iran’s nuclear dossier is that the existing problems need to be settled in the course of negotiations.

He added, “All the countries that have signed the NPT should be allowed to pursue peaceful nuclear activities within its permitted barriers.”

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