President considers present era as one of reasoning, thinking, culture

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Monday said that the era of bombs has passed and that today is rather the time for reasoning, thinking and culture.

He made the remark at a public gathering in Farzanegan Stadium in the town of Qarchak in Tehran province.

“Given that the Iranian nation is highly civilized and distinguished for its culture, clear beliefs and intelligent youth, it does not need the devices possessed by the world bullying powers,” he added.

Ahmadinejad said that attempts by some European states and US to prevent Iran’s access to complete nuclear fuel cycle will get nowhere, given their negligence of God Almighty and justice.

“We are really concerned that they may deviate from peaceful path.

If they are really against bombs, first of all they should destroy their own bombs so that the world will believe them.

“Our nuclear facilities have been inspected by the UN nuclear watchdog more than one thousand times, but even the slightest evidence has never been found to prove deviation from peaceful path,” he declared.

The president said that if they really mean what they are claiming, they should open up their nuclear facilities, installations and arsenals to inspection, adding that only then it will be proved that the claims of bullying powers are mere lies.

Underlining that Iran is seeking justice, which is materialized by complying with law, he said that if nuclear technology is good it should be accessible to all countries, otherwise access to it by any country should definitely be denied.

“We were told that if they let us access complete nuclear fuel cycle, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt will soon call for the right to use it.

“Given that Western states have used nuclear technology to develop bombs, they believe that other countries will think of producing bombs once they access such a technology,” he added.

Ahmadinejad called on world bullying powers to stop threatening Iranian nation with sanctions, given that Iran was under sanctions for the past 27 years and it does not need their assistance or spare parts.

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