Americans View US Maneuvers in Persian Gulf as a Show

A0087080.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Member of a US delegation called ‘Messengers of Peace’ believe that the US joint maneuvers in the Persian Gulf waters proved to be an unimportant show.

Speaking to FNA here on Saturday, David Cheese Maida said the US navy war games in the Persian Gulf served as a tactical operation by Washington, adding, “The United States embarked on staging such maneuvers in a bid to show Iran that it is serious about its stances.”

He said that the US war games served as a tool to encourage direct talks, and not to trigger a war, with Iran, “and thus, it served to be just a show and nothing serious.”

Noting widespread anti-Iran propaganda in the US, Maida said, “Despite what Washington promulgates about Iran as a country allegedly in the axis of evil and despite all the negative propaganda of the American media, we did not witness any devilishness in Iran, and we did not find any axis of evil in here.”

Maida, who is accompanying a group of other Americans on a visit to Iran, stated that he would brief the US senators about the realities of the Iranian society as soon as he goes back home.

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