Syria Calls on Asia to Move towards Justice

A0008393.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Syrian Parliament Speaker called on the Asian countries to take more steps towards the implementation of justice.

Addressing the 7th Conference of the General Assembly of Association of Asian Parliaments for Peace (AAPP) here in Tehran Sunday afternoon, Mahmoud al-Abrash noted US interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, and said that the present situation in these countries is a product of the hegemony of great powers, and added, “Therefore, Asian countries must walk towards the implementation of justice when constructing the world, and they should change the present path, where some powers are endangering both global peace and future of the nations.”

He said the region is suffering from Israeli aggressions, specially in the occupied Palestinian territories, adding, “Meantime, we are witnessing daily crimes and aggressions committed by the Zionist regime in the region, including their invasion of Lebanon.”

The Syrian speaker further stressed the need for dialogue and diplomacy as the best possible way for the restoration of peace, reiterating that peace will be established in the Arab lands only when the occupied Palestinian territories have been freed and when Qods is recognized as the capital city of Palestine.

Al-Abrash also called on the Asian countries to seek justice and condemn the unipolar policies.

To conclude his words, he underlined that dialogue among civilizations is the best and most comprehensive way to go past crises.

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