Ahmadinejad Promises Nuclear Celebrations in Current Year

A0242126.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the Iranian nation will celebrate great nuclear achievements in the current (Iranian) year -ending on March 20th 2007.

Speaking in his fourth press conference since he took office more than a year ago, Ahmadinejad stressed that his government is bound to provide services for the nation.

Noting the performance of his administration in recent months, he described the nuclear issue as among the most vital cases for his government during the 15 months in office, and said that almost all great powers have stood against Iran in a bid to prevent the Iranian nation from restoring its inalienable rights.

Ahmadinejad viewed resistance and intelligence as two main factors contributing to Iran’s acquisition of the full nuclear fuel production cycle, adding, “As regards the nuclear case, time is running in Iran’s favor.”

“Those who stressed that Iran’s access to the nuclear fuel production cycle was difficult or rather impossible have now accepted to live with an established nuclear state called Iran which possesses the technology for producing nuclear fuel,” he mentioned.

The president also asserted that the great powers intend to monopolize nuclear fuel production in order to enjoy continued hegemony over other countries, and saying that resistance of the Iranian nation has angered some world countries, he stressed, “This has been the resistance of the Iranian nation which has stabilized our conditions.”

He also expressed the hope that Iranian nation would enjoy a nuclear celebration in the current Iranian year.

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