Minister Stresses Boosting of Ties with Zimbabwe

A0236669.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Minister of Cooperation Mohammad Abbasi underlined Iran’s decisiveness to develop economic, cultural and social ties with Zimbabwe.

Speaking in a meeting with Zimbabwean Ambassador to Tehran Stephan Chiquita, Abbasi noted Iran’s close bonds with Zimbabwe in the political, cultural and social grounds, and stated that such close ties can play an effective role in the expansion of economic exchanges.

He said the historical background of the two countries’ age-old ties illustrates that Iran and Zimbabwe are keen to enjoy continued relations in the said grounds.

Reiterating the need for the consolidation of the two states’ economic, social and cultural relations, he said that the future meeting of the two countries’ joint commission would pave the grounds for the expansion of all-out ties, specially in important economic spheres.

The minister further voiced Iran’s preparedness for consolidating ties with Zimbabwe in the said areas.

Noting Iran’s strategic role in the political, economic and geopolitical equations of the Middle-East region, he pointed out, “Iran and Zimbabwe are among the states which have experienced successful campaign for getting rid of the yoke of colonialist powers.”

“We are interested in having continued economic and scientific relations with Zimbabwe so that the two countries can get ready to confront global threats as independent states,” Abbasi continued.

He also voiced Iran’s readiness to transfer experiences in different fields, including information and technology, to Zimbabwe.

For his part, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Tehran Stephan Chiquita stated his pleasure with the two countries cooperation in different areas, including communications and technology as well as export of tractors and establishment of medical centers in his country by Iran.

He expressed the hope that the required decisions and measures would be adopted by the two countries’ joint commission concerning such issues as establishment of free zones for the development of exports and imports, specially in agricultural grounds, and reinvigoration of air transportation.

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