Palestinian Gov’t Seeking National Consensus

A0242119.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mahmoud al-Zehar said that all the policies of the new Palestinian government are designed and adopted based on its program for national consensus.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart here in Tehran on Tuesday, al-Zahar appreciated the positive stances of the Iranian nation and government in support of the Palestinian nation and government as well as Iran’s sincere political, financial and spiritual assistances to the Palestinians.

He added that the Arab and Islamic worlds have always stood against the brutal aggressions of the Zionist regime while the latter has always enjoyed the United States’ veto right.

The top diplomat further said that the two sides have discussed the international conditions and the latest developments in Palestine during what he called to be an important and desirable meeting with Mottaki.

He also stated that he has briefed Mottaki about the programs of the Palestinian administration for the formation of a national consensus government.

Al-Zehar pointed to the results of the recent foreign ministerial meeting of the Arab League in Cairo last Sunday as among other issues he has raised during his talks with the Iranian foreign minister.

Asked to comment on the conclusions of the Cairo meeting, he said participants stressed their strong displeasure with the United States’ recent stances in the UN and reiterated their persistence in removing the current siege of Palestine in order to facilitate dispatch of aids to the Palestinian nation.

Al-Zehar further described the Cairo meeting as lofty and noble, adding that this session was totally different from the previous Arab league conventions on the issue of Palestine, which sufficed to condemn the Zionist regime of Israel.

“The Sunday meeting experienced many practical measures” he added.

Asked about the policies of the new government headed by Mohammad Shobair and their differences with those of the previous governments, he said, “As will be stated in cabinet statement, the new cabinet has agreed to base all its programs and plans on the policy of national consensus.”

The Palestinian Foreign Minister described the statement of the new cabinet similar to that of the previous one, but said that the issue of national consensus government has been included to the statement.

He also assured that the statement will include such contents and explicit sentences about ‘non-recognition of the Zionist regime’, ‘no withdrawal from previously stated principles and stances’, ‘and guaranteed removal of the siege on the Palestinian nation’.

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