Hadded Adel Meets Palestinian FM

A01750151.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Parliament Speaker, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel met with the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mahmoud al-Zahar here on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Haddad Adel noted the Zionist regime’s increased crimes following its historical defeat in Lebanon, and pointed out, “These pressures aim to break Hamas’s resistance against the demands of the Israeli regime and to veil the humiliating defeat of the Zionists in Lebanon.”

“No doubt, current political developments in Palestine reinvigorate Palestinians’ resistance and cause and result in the defeat of the Zionist regime,” he continued.

Haddad Adel referred to the present conditions in the world of Islam and Palestine, and described solidarity and unity among Palestinian groups as the most important need of the present juncture, stressing that strong faith in God and unity are the key elements to Palestinians’ victory against the barbaric crimes of the Qod Occupying regime of Israel.

He also noted the heavy defeat of the Israeli regime in Lebanon, and reiterated the urgency for the Palestinian resistance groups to show vigilance in the face of the plots hatched by the US and Zionist regimes for sowing seeds of discord and fomenting civil war and conflict among Palestinian groups.

For his part, Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar appreciated Iran’s political and spiritual support for the Palestinian cause, and assured that despite the increasing crimes committed by the Zionist regime, Palestinian people will defeat that criminal regime.

He viewed recent crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza as an effort to restore the reputation which its army lost as a result of its defeat in Lebanon, adding, “Palestinian nation may never recognize the Zionist regime and will never give up its main weapon which is resistance.”

The Palestinian top diplomat further briefed the Iranian parliament speaker about the latest development of his country.

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