Prosecutor General Stresses Iran’s N. Stances

A0166228.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Prosecutor General Ghorban Ali Dorri Najaf-Abadi stressed that Iran is decisive to gain full access to the civilian nuclear technology.

Speaking to FNA in the western city of Qazvin on Sunday, Najaf-Abadi said that no one can change the country’s nuclear stances as both the nation and government are determined to press ahead on the path to full acquisition of the nuclear technology.

He further pointed to the Iranians’ national resolve at the time of the Iraqi war imposed on the country and said that his nation was not defeated at the time of the war when Iraq was assisted by a large group of the world countries, specially the west, and could protect the country’s territorial integrity.

“We did not surrender under the worst conditions prevailing then. Now that we are equipped with remote guided missiles with liquid and solid fuel and Iranian experts have brought the second generation of centrifuges into operation, we are in a much better condition and it is evident that we do not fear enemies,” he continued.

The official stressed that national solidarity and unity have served as the key elements to his country’s victory against the enemies, and pointing to the wrong analyses of the enemies about Iran’s condition and atmosphere, he underlined that Iranian armed forces are fully prepared to crush any threatening move by the enemies.

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