Ahmadinejad: Iran considers independent countries’ success its own

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Monday in a meeting with his Zimbabwean counterpart that Iran considers success of independent countries, including Zimbabwe, as its own success.

During the Monday night meeting between the high ranking Iranian and Zimbabwean delegations President Ahmadinejad further emphasized, Tehran is ready to offer any type of assistance that Harare might deem as necessary in order to push forth your government’s national objectives, and to safeguard both nations’ interests.”
The President said, “Based on agreements reached between our two countries Iran and Zimbabwe are going to pursue cooperation in three levels, namely consultations, management, joint investments.” Ahmadinejad also said that it is necessary to clearly define the details of the reached bilateral agreements in order to safeguard actual interests and hoped that the Zimbabwean President’s state visit of Iran would serve as a turning point in bilateral ties and bear important fruits for both sides.

President Robert Mugabe, too, said during the meeting that Zimbabwe considers Iran as a friendly country that is reliable under any conditions.

Mugabe added, “The Iranians are a revolutionary nation who attach great importance to their ethical and humane value systems and serve as a good model for many nations.”
He referred to the good ties between the two countries, expressing hope that his visit of Iran would be beneficial for the two friendly and brother nations, and that Tehran and Harare would manage to put to practical effect their shared will to boost comprehensive cooperation and ties.

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