Ahmadinejad: Iran, Zimbabwe oppose hegemony of world arrogance

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Monday underlined that opposition to the world arrogance’s hegemonic system is one of the commonalties between Iran and Zimbabwe. 

He made the remark while speaking to reporters in a joint press conference along with Zimbabwe’s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe after officially receiving him at a ceremony at the Presidential Office.

Turning to the favorable Iran-Zimbabwe economic ties, the chief executive said that the two sides have commonalties on many issues.

He referred to the loss inflicted on both countries by the world hegemonic system in the past and praised President Mugabe as a prominent man seeking freedom and justice, a revolutionary figure and an anti-colonial African leader.

Thanking him for his visit to Iran, Ahmadinejad said that Zimbabwe is an important country playing a decisive role in the African continent and that the two countries can have close relations in the long-run.

For his part, Mugabe said that his visit to Tehran takes place within the framework of further expansion of mutual relations.

He said that many Iranian companies are active in his country, adding that currently Iran exports raw materials and agricultural equipment to Zimbabwe.

Turning to the determination of the two countries to develop bilateral ties, he underlined that expansion of relations will be beneficial to both.

After the joint press conference, the two presidents began the first round of talks.

“We are prepared to help those countries intending to safeguard their territorial integrity. Given that we cooperate with the neighboring countries in our own region, we are referred to by some parties as the ‘axis of evil’,” added Zimbabwe’s president.

Mugabe heading a high-ranking delegation arrived in Tehran on Sunday night.

On arrival at Mehrabad International Airport, the Zimbabwean delegation was welcomed by the Minister of Cooperatives Mohammad Abbasi.

Zimbabwe’s ministers of foreign affairs, energy and agriculture had arrived in Tehran earlier.

Several memoranda of understanding are expected to be mutually signed at the end of the visit of the Zimbabwe’s visit.

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