Speaker Criticizes Canada for Following US

A0244209.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel here on Wednesday blasted Canadian government for playing in the hands of the US administration.

“Canada’s recent stances have upset us, and we regret that Canada is following the United States. This obedience shows that Canada has lost its independence and dignity,” Haddad Adel said while reflecting on the recent stances of Canada on Iran and Ottawa’s proposal for the issuance of a resolution concerning human rights conditions in Iran.

“To distinguish the nature of the said resolution, it suffices to remember the ignorant behavior and inaction of the Untied States, Canada and other western countries in the face of the daily crimes committed by the Zionist regime,” he said, adding, “Such stances are, in fact, a reaction to the big ‘No’ the Iranian nation has said to the United States in the last 28 years.”

Asked whether the upcoming visit to Tehran by the Iraqi and Syrian presidents is aimed at discussing Iraq issues and if it means a positive response by Iran and Syria to the US request for Tehran and Damascus’s assistance with the Iraqi issue, Haddad Adel responded, “The United States is trapped in the Iraq quagmire. Before its attack on Iraq, the US was warned that Iraq would turn into a second Vietnam for the Americans, but the proud US officials did not heed the warning. And now after three years, the US Administration has realized that it is losing its prestige more than ever before and is seeking to somehow go out of Iraq in an honorable way.”

“Of course one solution for Washington is to ask for help from Iraq’s neighboring states, including Iran,” he said, and continued, “In addition to the United States’ willingness to solve the problem, Iran feels that as a neighbor it has a grave and direct responsibility to help to the restoration of security and stability in that country, specially considering that we feel the return of stability to Iraq will work in our own favor too.”

Elsewhere, he responded to a question about the possible aftermaths of the assassination of the Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on Tuesday, and said, “Taking into account the moves that Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri had taken and considering the recent remarks of Hezbollah leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, I expected that some preventative measures would take place in order to block Hezbollah’s path since a few days before the terrorist attempt on the Lebanese minister’s life.”

The Iranian Parliament Speaker continued, “No matter who is in charge of the assassination -either political groups inside Lebanon or foreign states- the measure is only intended to point the finger of suspicion at the Lebanese Hezbollah.”

Haddad Adel stressed that Iran condemns terror and assassination in any form and in any place, but meantime added, “Yet, I do believe that no one can accuse Hezbollah in this story and that the event cannot cause any obstacles in the way of Hezbollah because Hezbollah enjoys public support and no enemy can encounter a group which enjoys strong and wide public support.”

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